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The Hinkle Process
The Hinkle Process
Full Cycle Management
From early concept, design, and manufacture to sequencing, just-in-time logistics, and repositioning, Hinkle Manufacturing seeks to extend integrated services throughout the cycle of packaging management. Hinkle's value chain, displayed on the left, represents nine phases where your organization can benefit from a Hinkle product or service. Hinkle's goal is to manage this entire cycle for efficient container movement to guarantee attractive returns at the end of the program. Value-creating products and services enable Hinkle's customers to concentrate on their core operations, lower packaging-related costs, and improve material handling practices.

To learn more about the Hinkle process visit Step 1 - Program Management. If you have a question, need more information or would like a quote please fill in our contact form or call us at (419) 666-5550.

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Hinkle - The Packaging People